About Us

VideoGrinds.ie is a new and innovative Online Grinds Website. We provide detailed videos on how to tackle some of the most difficult questions on the Junior Cert! You can access videos for any topic in the curriculum across many subjects including Maths, Science and Business. What makes us different? We’re run completely by students, for students. Who better to teach these topics than the students who just spent the last 3 years covering the course. With a total of 19 A’s from the 2016 Junior Cert between the 3 members of our team, you can be assured that the grinds are of the highest quality available. VideoGrinds.ie is unique in Ireland as we are the only Junior Cert focused website offering videos made by students, for students.

The tutorials are suitable for all academic levels and all students can benefit from the clear and progressive style in which they are presented.

The Team

VideoGrinds.ie is run by three TY students from St. Patricks Classical School in Navan, Co. Meath. Between us we have a thorough, in depth knowledge of the entire curriculum of many Junior Cert subjects.
Dylan Carrig
Tom Fitzgerald
Matthew Heaney


VideoGrinds.ie was created in October 2016. To date, we have won 3 awards:

We have also been shortlisted for the Griffith College enterprise competition and the national enterprise competition

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